Which Is Better Activa 5g Or 6g?

Is Activa 6g worth buying?

Despite our quibbles, the Activa 6G offers a much smoother engine compared to the 5G, better claimed fuel efficiency as well as improved handling and ride quality, thereby cementing its position as a worthy successor to the Activa 5G.

If you’re looking for a reliable city scooter, the Activa 6G is a no-brainer..

Which scooter is best to buy in 2020?

Top 10 Scooters/Scooty in India 2020ModelEx-Showroom PriceHonda Activa 6GRs. 65,892 – 67,392*Suzuki Access 125Rs. 70,500 – 78,600*Honda DioRs. 61,970 – 67,820*TVS NTORQ 125Rs. 68,885 – 77,865*6 more rows

Which Colour Activa 5g is best?

Blue MetallicA: Blue Metallic is my favourite colour. Blue Metallic is my favourite colour.

Which is best in Activa?

Honda Activa 6G vs Honda Activa 125Engine and TransmissionMax Power7.79 PS @ 8000 rpm8.29 PS @ 6500 rpmMax Torque8.79 Nm @ 5250 rpm10.3 Nm @ 5000 rpmNo. of Cylinders11Cooling SystemAir CooledAir Cooled15 more rows

How much CC is Activa 6g?

Powered by a 109.51 cc bs6 engine, the Honda Activa 6G has a CVT gearbox. The Honda Activa 6G has Drum front brakes and Drum rear brakes.

Does Activa 6g have charging point?

No,it doesn’t have a charging port neither in the standard nor in the deluxe version.

What is new in Activa 6g?

Honda Activa 6G gets a new BS6-compliant, 109.51 cc, fan-cooled, 4-stroke, SI engine with sensor-based advanced PGM-Fi system. … Its patented ACG starter motor ensures silent start; removes gear meshing and gear engagement noise; and reduces maintenance. The new Activa 6G delivers 10 per cent better mileage as well.

Will there be 6g network?

Using higher-frequency radio bands, it will give networks much faster speeds and lower latency, able to support sophisticated mobile devices and systems like automated cars. New wireless standards emerge about every decade, and 6G is expected to come into play around 2030.

Which one is better Activa 5g or 6g?

The Activa 6G also gets an engine kill switch and a pass beam switch — both of which were absent in the Activa 5G….SpecificationsHonda Activa 6GHonda Activa 5GPeak power7.79PS at 8000rpm7.96PS at 7500rpmMaximum torque8.79Nm at 5250rpm9Nm at 5500rpm2 more rows•Jan 15, 2020

Which is the best color in Activa 6g?

BS6 Honda Activa 6G: What Colour To Pick?Matte Axis Grey Metallic: A safe option, the Grey colour option feels understated and goes well with the Activa 6G’s character.Black: Another favourite, the Black colour option has been popular since the first generation Activa. … Pearl Precious White: … Pearl Spartan Red: … Glitter Blue Metallic: … Dazzle Yellow Metallic:

Is Activa 5g worth buying?

I bought activa 5g and these is amazing scooty i use in daily work and i suggest to all buy these scooty because these comfort is very good comparison the other scooty and activa 5g design is very attractive and shine and all age people can love these scooty activa 5g mileage, i noticed in my daily life is 45 to 48 and …

Is Activa 6g good for long drive?

Full review of Honda Activa 6G It gives me mileage of nearly 43 and design wise not too sporty and not too classy it looks simple and nice. For carrying small luggage it is good choice if you are a small shop holder then you should buy this. Thinking to ride this bike for long trip will write about that after the trip.

What is difference between 5g and 6g?

The 6G chip kicks 5G up several more notches. It can transmit waves at more than three times the frequency of 5G: one terahertz, or a trillion cycles per second. The team says this yields a data rate of 11 gigabits per second. While that’s faster than the fastest 5G will get, it’s only the beginning for 6G.

What is mileage of Activa 6g?

60 KmplThe mileage of Honda Activa 6G is 60 Kmpl. This is the claimed ARAI mileage for all the variants of Activa 6G.

Which country is using 7g?

NorwayAccording to Ookla, an agency that examines broadband speed internationally,In just 13 months, Norway has jumped from the 11th position to the top in terms of mobile internet speed. Currently internet speed in Norway 52.6 Mbps. We can say that internet speeds such as 7G or 8G are provided in Norway.