Quick Answer: What Does Hard Yakka Mean?

What does Billabong mean in Australian?

noun Australian.

a creek bed holding water only in the rainy season; a dried-up watercourse.

a stagnant backwater or slough formed by receding floodwater..

What does hard mean in texting?

adjective. “cool”, “neat”, “awesome”. Those shoes are hard! That Godzilla movie was hard!

What does Boof mean in Australia?

stupid personnoun slang, mainly Australian a stupid person.

What does bloody ripper mean in Australia?

Meaning awesome or fantastic, if something is “bloody ripper” it must be totally amazing!

What is Billy slang for?

(slang) A condom (from the E-Rotic song “Willy, Use a Billy… Boy”)

What does Yakka mean in New Zealand?

Hard yakka, term meaning “hard work” in Australian English and New Zealand English. A Lot of Hard Yakka, autobiography by English cricketer journalist Simon Hughes. Yaca (disambiguation) Yacca (disambiguation)

What larrikin means?

Larrikin is an Australian English term meaning “a mischievous young person, an uncultivated, rowdy but good hearted person”, or “a person who acts with apparent disregard for social or political conventions”.

What does Jackaroo mean in Australia?

trainee station managerNoun. jackaroo (plural jackaroos) (Australia, Queensland, obsolete) A white man living outside of a white settlement. (Australia) A trainee station manager or owner, working as a stockman or farm hand; formerly, a young man of independent means working at a station in a supernumerary capacity to gain experience.

What is a group of yabbies called?

Young Yabbies Each group of eggs, called a berry, can contain as many as 100 to 1,000 eggs.

What does hard looking mean?

The “hard-looking” is describing his physical appearance, but also his body language & attitude. He looks tough, dangerous, intimidating/threatening.

Where does the word Yakka come from?

The word is used especially in the phrase hard yakka. Yakka first occurs in the 1840s as a verb meaning ‘to work’, and it derives from yaga meaning ‘work’ in the Yagara language of the Brisbane region. Yakka found its way into nineteenth-century Australian pidgin, and then passed into Australian English.

What does Oi mean in Australia?

Oi! Meaning Can be used in different ways, to attract attention or exclaimation Used in a sentence.

What is hard in slang?

A hard-on is slang for an erection of the penis. It has been extended as a metaphor for being excited about something in general. The vulgar slang hard-on is not to be confused with the expression to be hard (on someone) is to be mean and critical, or to he expression to go hard (on something), meaning “to go all out.”

What does Billy mean in Australia?

The billy is an Australian term for a metal container used for boiling water, making tea or cooking over a fire. By the end of the 19th century the billy had become as natural, widespread and symbolic of bush life as the gum tree, the kangaroo and the wattle.

What is a ripper in Australian slang?

ripper (not comparable) (Britain, Australia, slang) Very good; excellent; fantastic.