Quick Answer: Is Voyage Masculine Or Feminine?

What is bon voyage in English?

: an expression of good wishes when someone leaves on a journey : goodbye —often used interjectionally..

Can we say happy bon voyage?

You can use the expression bon voyage to wish a friend well as she sets off on a trip. Bon voyage literally means “good voyage” in French, and it can be used as an exclamation, a playful or sophisticated way to send someone off on a journey.

How do you wish bon voyage?

Bon voyage! May God bless your journey and fulfill all your wishes. Have a wonderful time and enjoy your trip. As you set out for the trip, may God bless you and all the people you will meet along the way!

What’s a good sentence for Voyage?

Voyage sentence examples. This was my first trip on the ocean and my first voyage in a steamboat. In 1906 he started on a voyage round the world in a 50-ft boat. voyage beyond the Pillars of Hercules.

What’s another word for Voyage?

travel, safari, tour, trip, excursion, crossing, cruise, jaunt and passage.

What does voyage mean?

noun. a course of travel or passage, especially a long journey by water to a distant place. a passage through air or space, as a flight in an airplane or space vehicle.

Are countries feminine?

Most countries are referred to as she or her or in any female form because the concept of motherhood is attached to the country.

What is the opposite of voyage?

What is the opposite of voyage?stayresidencesojourntarrytarriance

Where did the word voyage come from?

From Middle English viage, borrowed from Anglo-Norman viage, from Old French voiage, from Latin viaticum. The modern spelling is under the influence of Modern French voyage.

How do you reply to Bon Voyage?

Because that is usually an expression when someone is going to take a trip by boat. It beens “good journey” in French. Or the more colloquial “Farewell”. I think “thank you” would suffice as a response.

Is voyage a French word?

Voyage means trip in French but in English, we use it to mean a long journey.

Is Région masculine or feminine?

la means the noun is feminine and singular. les means the noun is plural. Please note that the genders of nouns are quite random and there isn’t a good reason why region (la région) is feminine or pen (le stylo) is masculine.

Is Paris feminine or masculine?

Cities are usually not introduced by any article, and it’s unclear whether they are feminine or masculine. According to l’Accadémie Française, both genders are possible for cities. So you could say Paris est beau. I prefer saying Paris est belle because Paris refers to la ville de Paris.

Is Portugal masculine or feminine?

– Places ending in other letters (including other vowels: a, o, etc) are masculine. le Japon, le Portugal, l’Ohio, le Nebraska, … – Some countries are plural: they’re usually made up of several “parts” (states, lands…).

Is voyage masculine or feminine in French?

voyage noun, masculine (plural: voyages m)—

What does peregrination mean?

noun. travel from one place to another, especially on foot. a course of travel; journey.

What is another word for great?

What is another word for great?bigimmenseexceptionalstaggeringawesomepowerfulgoodprolificvery greatlordly214 more rows

What word means a sea voyage taken for pleasure?

cruise, sail – an ocean trip taken for pleasure. maiden voyage – the first voyage of its kind; “in 1912 the ocean liner Titanic sank on its maiden voyage” water travel, seafaring – travel by water. 2. voyage – a journey to some distant place.