Quick Answer: Is It Safe To Drive In Austria?

How is driving in Austria?

Driving in Austria is generally uncomplicated.

That said, there are two things that can land tourists in hot water with the local authorities.

They are the failure to buy a Vignette (Austrian toll sticker) and not abiding by the speed limit.

In addition, driving in Austria in winter provides its own set of challenges..

How do you pay tolls in Austria?

There are generally no booths or barriers collecting toll payments. Instead, you need to buy a physical or digital toll sticker (German: Vignette or Autobahnpickerl) before driving on a motorway or expressway with a car or motorcycle.

Do you need an international driver’s license in Austria?

An international drivers permit (IDP) is required for Austria. It can be purchased through the AAA club and is valid for one year. When driving abroad, carry both your IDP and your state driver’s license with you at all times. An IDP serves as an officially and internationally recognized translation of your license.

Which roads in Austria require a vignette?

Vignettes are compulsory on all motorways and expressways in Austria, except road sections with tolls depending on mileage (section toll roads): A9 – Pyhrn Motorway: Bosruck Tunnel. A9 – Pyhrn Motorway: Gleinalm Tunnel. A10 – Tauern Motorway: Tauern and Katschberg Tunnels.

Is driving in Austria easy?

Driving conditions in Austria can be difficult in winter. Renting a car is not the most economical way to see the country; by train or bus is cheaper. … All main roads in Austria are hard-surfaced. There’s a four-lane Autobahn between Salzburg and Vienna; and between Vienna and Edlitz the Autobahn has six lanes.

What to know about driving in Austria?

When driving in Austria remember that you have to drive on the right hand side of the road. Seatbelts must be worn at all times by front and rear seat passengers occupants when travelling in a car. Fines for not complying are €35. You must be aged 17 or older and hold a valid driver’s license.

Are there tolls in Austria?

The toll sticker has been compulsory on Austria’s motorways and expressways since 1997. All cars, motorbikes and camper vans up to 3.5 mpw (maximum permissible weight) must properly display a toll sticker or have purchased online in time a digital vignette when they drive onto a motorway or expressway.

Can you sleep in your car in Austria?

You are allowed to sleep in your vehicle at any public parking space for the purpose of restoring your fitness to drive (basically to ensure that nobody drives in a tired state because they can’t find a place to sleep).

Can you drive in Austria without a vignette?

A valid vignette must be correctly attached to the vehicle before using toll roads. Driving on toll roads without a valid vignette is prohibited.

What do I need to drive to Austria?

When driving in Austria the following documents should be carried:Full, valid driving licence*Proof of Insurance (third party or above)Proof of ID (Passport)Proof of ownership (V5C certificate)

Can you drive in Austria with a US license?

A U.S. driver’s license alone is not sufficient to drive in Austria. This arrangement is only acceptable for the first six months of driving in Austria, after which all drivers must obtain an Austrian license. …

While they are not illegal, there are many European countries – chiefly, the likes of Austria, Andorra, Germany, France, Norway and Switzerland – where you are required to fit snow chains on various signed roads.

Is driving in Austria safe?

Austria falls just above the average with 54 road-related deaths per million inhabitants – almost double the amount of the UK or Sweden, who are the leaders in road safety.

Is Vienna or Salzburg better?

As far as mountain scenery and outdoor adventures go, Salzburg comes out on top. While Vienna boasts enormous, well-manicured Stadtpark and a location adjacent to beautiful Vienna Woods, it simply can’t beat Salzburg’s access to the Alps. You can take a stroll in Vienna, but you can take a hike in Salzburg.

Can you turn right on red in Austria?

Turning right on red is generally not allowed unless otherwise noted with a sign. Passing in the right lane is prohibited. Use the left lane and return to the right lane as soon as it is safe to do so.

Can you rent a car in Germany and drive to Austria?

Most rental companies in Germany and Austria will let you take their cars across the border. … Some companies include the cost of extra cover for taking the car abroad in their rental deals. Most don’t, however, so you’ll pay a ‘cross-border fee’ at the counter when you arrive to pick up the car.

Where can I buy a toll sticker in Austria?

The Vignette – Austria’s Motorway Toll StickerPhysical Toll Sticker. Physical stickers can be obtained from the Austrian Automobile Clubs as well as post offices, newsagents and petrol stations. … Digital Toll Sticker. A digital version of the toll sticker is available online.

How fast can you drive in Austria?

130 kilometres per hourDriving Laws in Austria Austria has one of the highest speed limits in the world and you are allowed to drive at 130 kilometres per hour on the motorways. Cars are generally manual but you can also order automatic vehicles.