Quick Answer: How Much Does The Sam Houston Tollway Cost?

How do you pay for toll roads in Houston?

The best way to pay tolls is with an EZ TAG.

It’s cheaper, faster, and you can drive on any toll road in Texas.

If you are an EZ TAG customer, please log in to verify that your account information is up to date.

If you don’t have a log in, setup online access to your EZ TAG account..

Is EZ Tag and TxTag the same?

Yes. The Dallas TollTag, Houston EZ TAG, Kansas K-TAG, and Oklahoma PIKEPASS work in toll lanes that display the TxTag logo throughout the state. Be sure your account information is up to date with your tolling agency to avoid potential fees.

How much are tolls in Houston Texas?

Sam Houston Tollway – Traveling ClockwiseLocationType2 Axles EZ TAGBeltway 8 (to Westpark east or west)Exit Ramp$0.50Westheimer RoadExit Ramp$1.20Briar Forest Dr.Exit Ramp$1.20Sam Houston South PlazaPass Through$1.5033 more rows

Is Houston Beltway 8 free?

Tollways included are Hardy Toll Road, Westpark Tollway, and Beltway 8. … This does not include Grand Parkway, Highway 99, or Metro HOV/HOT lanes. The toll suspension will last through April 29th.

Is EZ tag cheaper than cash?

With E-ZPass you receive the following benefits: Most fares are less than cash rates saving you money. Automatically enrolled in the E-Z Discount Plan saving you 25% up to 50% off each month with 30 trips or more.

Does HEB sell EZ tags?

It’s time to get your EZ TAG. Users can open an EZ TAG account backed by a credit card or bank account, or buy the new EZ TAG powered by BancPass at local H-E-B® and Corner Stores and reload with cash at any H-E-B® or CVS Pharmacy®.

How do I get a Texas EZ tag?

You may open an EZ TAG account online today and your EZ TAG can be mailed to you or you can pick it up at a nearby EZ TAG Store. You may also open an account at an EZ TAG Store to receive your EZ TAG immediately.

Can I use EZ Tag on 99?

You must have a prepaid toll account. All three toll tags used in Texas (TxTag, EZ TAG, and TollTag), plus METRO HOT Lanes Toll Tag, K-TAG (Kansas Turnpike Authority), and PIKEPASS (Oklahoma Turnpike Authority) are accepted. You can open a TxTag account online or by calling 888-468-9824.

Why is Beltway 8 still a toll road?

The short answer is that we are still paying for initial toll road construction and, as with all roads, we have to pay for ongoing maintenance. Both of those expenses are covered by tolls. Interstate highways like IH-10, IH-45, and IH-69 are considered “free” by many people — hence the term “freeway”.

What is the difference between EZ Tag and EZ Tag Express?

Published on: An EZ TAG account is created online at www.hctra.org using a credit card or bank account, and a physical EZ TAG must be purchased and mounted to the vehicle. … An EZ TAG Express account is created on the mobile app using a credit card. The account can only be used for one vehicle at a time.

Is Sam Houston Tollway free?

HCTRA is Going Hands-Free for Toll Payments; Cash Customers Should Drive Through and Pay Tolls Later (With No Fees)

How much does a Houston EZ tag cost?

EZ Tag can be used in Texas, Oklahoma or Kansas and costs $15 for the tag. You must load $40 onto the tag to begin with and it reloads a minimum of $40 automatically when your balance dips below $10.

Are tolls still waived in Houston?

Tolls waived on Harris County toll roads. By order of Commissioners Court, tolls are being waived on Harris County toll roads in order to assist those who must continue to travel, through the duration of the Harris County Judge’s declaration of a local disaster.

Is the Sam Houston Tollway and Beltway 8 the same?

Beltway 8 (BW8), the Sam Houston Parkway, along with the Sam Houston Tollway, is an 88-mile (142 km) beltway around the city of Houston, Texas, United States, lying entirely within Harris County.