Question: Where Can I Pay My Paranaque Traffic Ticket?

Where can I pay LTO violation?

Drivers found with traffic citations can settle their payments at Bayad Center outlets, SM Bills Payment booths, and at the MMDA Treasury Division..

How do I check my LTO violation?

All you need to do is using your cellphone to key in: LTOVEHICLE[plate number of your car] and then, send to 2600. After that, wait for around 5 – 10 minutes till you receive the auto-generated reply. It can be said that LTO owes its fastest system ever to check plate number online in the Philippines.

How much is the fine for expired registration in the Philippines?

Don’t even think about driving your car with expired tags either. Driving an unregistered vehicle carries a fine of Php 10,000, and you run the risk of getting your vehicle impounded.

How much is LTO registration renewal?

Below are the following fees you need to prepare for renewing your vehicle’s registration: Initial fee: P1,000/category. Renewal fee: P400/category. Stickers and tags: P50 each.

What are the traffic violations in the Philippines?

Whatever the causes may be, below is the list of most common traffic violations in the Philippines, compiled by Traffic Signs (DTS) … Obstruction. … Number Coding or Color Coding Scheme. … Illegal Parking. … Stalled Vehicle. … Loading and unloading in prohibited areas. … Truck Ban. … Reckless Driving.More items…•

How do I contact MMDA?

136The public may contact us via email at, call our hotline at 136 or visit our website at For traffic updates, follow us on twitter @MMDA.

How can I check my car ticket Philippines?

Just go to the government official website and enter the plate number of the car you want to know in the form provided therein for any violation. The information contained in is for general information purposes only.

How do I check my MMDA violations?

To verify any traffic violations, motorists can type in their vehicle’s license plate number on the website The database will inform motorists of the specific violation, the time and place where it was committed, and the status of the official notice that they will receive from the MMDA.

What is ordinance violation receipt?

Under the new ordinance, any person cited for a violation of any provision of an ordinance that imposes fines and penalties shall be issued an Ordinance Violation Receipt (OVR). … If a violator has no capacity to pay, the ordinance provides for a community service arrangement.

What is no contact apprehension in effect?

The No Contact Traffic Apprehension is a policy that utilizes CCTV, digital cameras and/or other gadgets or technology to capture videos and images to apprehend vehicles violating traffic laws, rules and regulations.

How much is over speeding ticket in Philippines?

For example, an over speeding fine in Diosdado Macapagal Avenue costs Php 2,000.00 while over speeding in other major avenues would be charged Php 1200.00.

How do you know if your car registration is expired Philippines?

The last digit of the plate number tells you your month of vehicle registration. In detail, 1 stands for January, 2 for February, …, 9 for September and 0 for October.

Can local traffic enforcers confiscate license?

Driving license confiscation Traffic enforcers who stop you for a violation may demand you to present your driver’s license. … Traffic enforcers are allowed to confiscate your driving license only if you are involved in a car accident or have committed a traffic violation before resolving previous ones.

How do I pay MMDA penalty?

For MMDA traffic violations issued to you directly by the MMDA traffic enforcers, you may still settle the fine at any MMDA main office, SM Bills payment, LBC and/ or other accredited Bayad Centers within seven (7) days from the issuance of the violation ticket.

How do I pay MMDA no contact apprehension?

The recipient of the MMDA summon should pay the fine “within seven days upon receipt of the first summon either at the MMDA main office, SM Bills Payment, LBC, and accredited Bayad Centers nationwide.

How much is the penalty for late registration of vehicle in the Philippines?

How much is the fine for late registration? LTO is imposing a weekly penalty for late registration of Php 200.00. If the delay takes months, then the fine shall become 50% of the MVUC.

What kind of violation is speeding?

Moving violations. Moving violations include a wide range of acts, including speeding, reckless driving, driving while intoxicated (DWI), driving under the influence (DUI), illegal lane changes, failure to stop at a red light or traffic sign, and operating a vehicle without valid license or insurance.