Question: What Is A Compact Car At Enterprise?

What is considered a compact car?

The Unites States EPA defines a small, or compact, car as having between 100-109 cubic feet of combined passenger and cargo volume.

According to them a compact car also needs to be between 161 and 187 inches long..

How much is a compact car rental at Enterprise?

How much does a Compact car rental cost in Enterprise? A Compact car rental in Enterprise costs $30 per day, on average.

What’s the difference between a compact and economy car?

The biggest difference between an economy car and a compact car is the size. While both vehicle classes are generally very affordable to rent and drive (offering great fuel efficiency), economy cars are generally slightly smaller than their compact counterparts.

What does Enterprise consider a premium car?

What is a premium car rental? A premium rental car offers additional passenger room, trunk space, and features than other sedans. It comfortably seats five passengers and is a great option for people on business or leisurely travel. A Nissan Maxima is an example of a premium car rental.

What is the smallest rental car?

The smallest cars – models such as the Chevy Aveo, Kia Rio, Ford Focus and Hyundai Accent – are the cheapest to rent and have great gas mileage.

What compact cars does enterprise have?

Enterprise offers a selection of used compact cars for sale near you. Popular compact models include: Corolla, Civic, Focus, Elantra, Mazda3, Sentra, Forte.