Question: Is Pike Place Market Safe At Night?

Is it safe to walk around Seattle at night?

If you’re someplace where there’s a lot of people, you’re good.

The city core is mostly safe before midnight — downtown, Belltown, the International District, SoDo, Georgetown, Capitol Hill, Queen Anne Hill.

West Seattle is also very safe.

Maybe stay away from First Hill..

What is the best time to go to Pike Place Market?

When is the best time to visit? Mornings before 12 pm are generally less crowded. Our less-visited times are late fall, winter and early spring, other than holidays. During peak summer months, weekday mornings are optimal times to visit.

Is Pike Place Market closed?

SEATTLE — After 40 years inside Pike Place Market, First & Pike News will close on December 31, 2019. On Saturday, the shop was busy with people looking to visit the shop for the last time. Dozens shared their memories and condolences with store cashier Rebecca Eider. “It’s the end of an era for sure.

What are the bad areas of Seattle?

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In Seattle, WASand Point. Population 703. 321 % Violent Crimes 2,862 crimes / 100k people. … Belltown. Population 10,468. 206 % … First Hill. Population 12,112. 174 % … South Lake Union. Population 6,331. 138 % … Atlantic. Population 5,133. 136 % … Northgate. Population 4,283. 130 % … Haller Lake. Population 8,563. 73 % … Lower Queen Anne. Population 11,479. 45 %More items…

What is the most dangerous city in Washington?

Washington’s Safest CitiesWACityViolent crime1Oak Harbor242West Richland113Camas194Snoqualmie333 more rows•Jan 19, 2020

What is the most dangerous neighborhood in Seattle?

South Park1. South Park. Located south of Downtown Seattle, South Park has a crime rate that is 187-percent higher than the national average making it the most dangerous neighborhood in Seattle.