Question: Is Honolulu Worth Visiting?

Is Honolulu A good place to vacation?

Honolulu Hawaii is a wonderful place.

My wife and I were there for 10 days and we didn’t have enough time to experience all of the amazing things there.

We hiked to beautiful waterfalls, rode horses on the beach, went snorkeling, visited Pearl Harbor, and just relaxed on the beach..

Is it better to stay in Honolulu or Waikiki?

If you’re only going to be on the island for a few days, Waikiki is the easiest place to stay. … The north shore and Kailua are by far better places to stay to get a true feel of Oahu, but apart from Turtle Bay Resort on the north shore, that means you’ll be staying in a bnb or vacation rental.

Is Honolulu expensive to visit?

Honolulu is the second most expensive city in the U.S. for a summer trip, according to its annual TripIndex Cities cost-comparison study, which was conducted ahead of the summer travel period by TripAdvisor with Ipsos, an independent research firm.

Is it safe to walk in Waikiki at night?

Waikiki is a very happening place at night and it’s fun to experience it. Go in a crowd and stick to the main streets (Kalakaua) where there are lots of people and you’ll be fine. Watch your purses, though. I agree with the person who said that it’s best to get back to your hotel by 11p.

Why is Waikiki Beach so famous?

Known in Hawaiian as “spouting waters,” Waikiki was introduced to the world when its first hotel, the Moana Surfrider, was built on its shores in 1901. … Waikiki is famous for its beaches and every hotel room is just two or three blocks away from the ocean (if it’s not directly on the beach).

Which is better to visit Maui or Honolulu?

Maui vs Honolulu: The Verdict Honolulu is the most populated and developed island and is famous for its spectacular beaches and great waves. … On the other hand, Maui is a great choice for those who want to enjoy beautiful beaches and also spend some time snorkeling and hiking.

What is there to do in Honolulu in April 2020?

10+ Things to Do in Oahu in Spring 2020 – April to June Activities & MoreHanauma Bay Snorkel.Polynesian Cultural Center.Diamond Head Hike.Sea Life Park Hawaii.and more!

What should I avoid in Oahu?

What to Do in Oahu: 10 Tourist Mistakes to AvoidNever Leaving the Resort. … Not Getting a Rental Car and Exploring the Island. … Forgetting to Bring Cash. … Having a Packed Schedule. … Not Respecting Local Wildlife and Animals. … Stepping On Coral. … Taking Lava Rocks and Sand Home With You. … Not Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone.More items…•

What is the best hotel to stay in Waikiki?

10 Most Dreamy Waikiki Beach Hotels with Ocean ViewsHilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort. … Sheraton Waikiki. … Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort. … Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort. … Moana Surfrider A Westin Resort & Spa. … Halekulani Hotel. … The Royal Hawaiian A Luxury Collection Resort. … Castle Waikiki Shore Beachfront Condominiums.More items…•