How Reliable Are Jeep Renegades?

What is a good jeep to buy?

The Top 5 Jeep Models To Buy In 2019: An In Depth Guide2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Four doors, five seats, plenty of trunk space, top-rated off-roading and safety features.

2019 Jeep Compass.

The 2019 Jeep Compass is truly that: a compass.

2018 Jeep Wrangler.

The Jeep Wrangler is the “Editor’s Choice” over on Car & Driver.

2019 Jeep Renegade.

2019 Jeep Cherokee..

Can you put a hitch on a Jeep Renegade?

Yes, the Draw Tite hitch part #76021 is a confirmed fit for your 2018 Jeep Renegade. This is a 2 inch hitch which means it will have higher capacities and more accessories made for it.

Are Jeep Renegades expensive to maintain?

Cost. The average total annual cost for repairs and maintenance on a Jeep Renegade is $498, compared to an average of $466 for subcompact SUVs and $652 for all vehicle models.

Is the Jeep Renegade a true 4×4?

The Jeep® Renegade has two innovative available 4×4 systems that both feature a rear axle disconnect system to seamlessly switch between two-wheel and four-wheel drive. … Renegade is ready to grab on and keep you moving forward.

Do Jeep Renegades flip easily?

Jeep Renegade While this vehicle is unlikely to tip over steering out of the way of danger, it has one of the highest likelihoods for tipping over when running over an obstruction on the road.

Do Jeep Renegades burn oil?

According to the 82-page complaint, the 2.4-liter Tigershark MultiAir II engine found in the below vehicle models burns off and/or consumes “abnormally high amounts” of oil: 2015-2016 Chrysler 200; … 2015-2020 Jeep Renegade; and. 2015-2020 Ram ProMaster City.

How often should I service my Jeep Renegade?

Regular Maintenance Your Renegade will need an oil and oil filter change every six months as well as the inspection of your battery, brakes, engine cooling system, and exhaust system. At 10 years or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first, your Renegade will also need to have its engine coolant flushed and replaced.

Do Jeep Renegades have problems?

2017 Jeep Renegade Problems The top user issues for the 2017 model year include the engine, the transmission, and the electrical system. Owners of the 2017 Jeep Renegade claimed the car dies and stalls while driving, there is excessive oil consumption, and there is an engine knocking and rattling noise.

Are Jeep Renegades expensive to insure?

The average insurance costs for a Jeep Renegade is $220 a month — or $2,640 a year. Your actual cost could be more or less depending on your driving record, the number of miles you drive in a year and other factors.

Is the Jeep Renegade really a Fiat?

As hard as it may be to believe, the Fiat 500X and the Jeep Renegade are almost identical from a mechanical standpoint. In fact, they even share the same platform, among other things. … For example, the Dodge Dart and the Jeep Cherokee are built on the same platform.

Are Jeep Renegades good in snow?

According to owners and experts alike, the Jeep Renegade performs well in snowy conditions. Known for having excellent off-road capabilities, the Renegade is equipped with Jeep’s Selec-Terrain Traction Management system and other great features that make tackling the snow no sweat for Renegade.

Why you shouldn’t buy a Jeep Renegade?

Reasons Not to Buy a 2018 Jeep Renegade – The Cons Higher-level trims with the more powerful engine get even lower fuel efficiency. Because the Renegade is designed for off-roading more than anything else, the backseat doesn’t really fit the five people it advertises.

Do Jeep Renegades break down a lot?

Consumer Reports cites 2018 as the least reliable year for the Jeep Renegade with a score of one out of five.

How much does it cost to fill up a Jeep Renegade?

Compare Side-by-Side2019 Jeep Renegade 4WDAnnual Fuel Cost*$1,300Cost to Drive 25 Miles$2.20Cost to Fill the Tank$27Tank Size12.7 gallons7 more rows

How many miles can a Jeep Renegade last?

42,000 milesMore on our long-term Jeep Renegade here:Our CarSERVICE LIFE12 mo / 10,431 mi3-YEAR RESIDUAL VALUE*$18,100 (68%)RECALLSNone*IntelliChoice data; assumes 42,000 miles at the end of 3-years7 more rows•Sep 26, 2018