Can I Bring Menthol Cigarettes Into The UK?

Can you bring menthol cigarettes to UK from abroad?

Many menthol smokers may choose to purchase menthol cigarettes in countries where the ban hasn’t been implemented and then bring them back to the UK for personal consumption.

It will not be illegal to do so, as long as people stick to the duty-free limit set by the country they’re visiting..

Can you still buy menthol cigarettes in duty free?

Menthol ban has already been enforced As of May 20, 2020, menthol and menthol capsulated cigarettes will no longer be available in EU Duty Free shops.

Why are menthol filters being banned?

The ban comes as part of a continued effort to prevent young people from smoking and reduce the number of people taking up the habit. According to Cancer Research, two-thirds of smokers start before the age of 18 with tobacco smoking causing an estimated 100,000 deaths every year in the UK.

Is tobacco being banned UK?

As part of the UK government’s new plans to curb smoking across the nation, the government will be bringing in a ban on certain kinds of tobacco products on 20 May 2020. Stemming from the EU’s Tobacco Product Directive laws, the ban will outlaw cigarettes that have a “characterising flavour”, other than tobacco.

Why are menthol cigarettes banned in UK?

The ban comes as part of an effort to deter young people from smoking. Menthol cigarettes have been banned in the UK, with strict new legislation coming into force. The ban comes as part of an effort to prevent young people from smoking and reduce the number of people taking up the habit.

Can you get menthol cigarettes abroad?

Menthol cigs, menthol roll your own tobacco and skinny cigarettes will no longer be available to buy in the Uk this year, the Department of Health and Social Care has revealed. This off course also applies to Spain as it signed the directive and has a legal obligation to abide by it.

Are menthol filters being banned UK?

Menthol filters are not being banned, but it will be illegal to sell them packaged with tobacco or cigarettes. From Wednesday 20 May the sale of menthol cigarettes was made illegal in the UK. The law change was announced last month, and comes as part of new EU Tobacco Product Directive laws.

Buying tobacco via the Internet is illegal.

What can I buy instead of menthol cigarettes?

Menthol Cigarettes AlternativesRizla Flavour Card | Fresh Mint. … Rizla Flavour Card | Menthol Chill. … Swan | Crushball Cool Burst Menthol Filter Tips | 54 Pack. … Swan | Crushball Fresh Burst Peppermint Filter Tips | 54 Pack. … Burton | Blue Crushball Leaf Wrapped Cigarillos | 10 Pack. … Burton | Purple Crushball Leaf Wrapped Cigarillos | 10 Pack.More items…

How many cigarettes can I bring from Spain to UK?

Tobacco. You can bring in 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250g tobacco. You are allowed to split this allowance – for example, you could bring in 100 cigarettes and 25 cigars (both half of your allowance).

What do I have to declare at UK customs?

You must tell customs (known as ‘declaring’) on arrival in the UK if you have goods: over your duty-free allowance. that are banned or restricted. that you plan to sell….You may be asked to:pay tax or duty.give up banned goods.produce documents for restricted goods, for example licences and permits.

How many packs of cigarettes can you bring into the UK?

You can bring in one from the following: 200 cigarettes.

Can I bringing 400 cigarettes into UK?

There are no limits on the amount of duty and/or tax paid alcohol and tobacco that you can bring into the UK as long as they are for your own use or gifts and are transported by you.

What happens if you don’t declare at customs UK?

The HMRC states: “If you get caught smuggling goods or selling goods you did not declare, you could face prosecution and imprisonment. “If we are satisfied that the goods are for a commercial purpose, we may seize them and any vehicle used to transport them, and may not return them to you.”